Flexible payment options put new C-PACE borrowers in control!

Building owners now have more ways to use C-PACE to finance energy saving projects that reduce energy costs and operating expenses, realizing immediate financial relief. C-PACE helps to reduce costs for years with projects structured so that energy savings should be greater than repayment terms. New payment options mean borrowers can immediately find relief from thinner margins and achieve stability during uncertain times.

Connecticut Green Bank is providing flexible repayment options for new C-PACE borrowers. These options provide flexibility by allowing borrowers to select the option that best helps them overcome the unique challenges they’re facing. By leveraging these options to defer all or some of their initial payments on a C-PACE project into the future, borrowers can give their business more time to recover while still enjoying the advantages of an energy saving project today.

The Green Bank will design the most advantageous financing package for each borrower’s needs using either traditional C-PACE financing, or by leveraging one of these flexible repayment options:

Connecticut Green Bank has other offers for C-PACE financing, including innovative incentives through the Charge Up CT Buildings and Energy on the Line programs.

C-PACE can help make buildings more modern and comfortable, while reducing energy costs.

C-PACE is an innovative financing tool that helps property owners to make building improvements that reduce their energy bills and operating expenses, putting savings back into their business. Not only can property owners pay for upgrades over time, enjoying predictable savings and positive cash flow, but they can also make their property more modern and enjoyable for their tenants, employees or customers. Addressing immediate needs to reduce costs can also mean preparing your building for the future making it a better place to live, work or shop, and positioning it more competitively among your peers.

All types of projects and all types of properties can use C-PACE to upgrade their buildings.

With C-PACE, all sorts of energy improvements are possible – from energy efficiency measures that reduce the amount of energy a building uses, to clean energy solutions that produce renewable energy. As long as the lifetime savings from a project are greater than the total investment, it can qualify for C-PACE. Improvements like solar, HVAC, fuel switching and more are within reach. And all types of properties can access C-PACE. Retail, manufacturing, offices, multifamily, nonprofits and faith based organizations can all benefit. Every property is facing unique challenges when it comes to their energy costs and operating expenses. C-PACE helps address this, especially with new, flexible repayment options that eliminate or reduce initial payments while modestly increasing payments over the term of the loan.

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Don't just take our word for it. More than 300 Connecticut properties are benefiting from C-PACE.

How does an outdated engineering plant become a state-of-the-art, energy-efficient sports facility? And how is an industrial complex repurposed into a home for makers, artisans, and manufacturers? Check out our video case study that shows how C-PACE financing has enabled Spinnaker Real Estate Partners to harness the power of solar to reduce operating costs, exceed industry standards in sustainability, and give new life – and purpose – to older buildings.

Looking for a business more like yours? Check out our other C-PACE projects - at nonprofits, retail shops, office spaces and more.

Work with an innovative partner

Work with the Connecticut Green Bank, a quasi-state agency known for its support of CT businesses. We have financed over $170 million in C-PACE projects for Connecticut building owners resulting in over $285 million in energy cost savings. 

The Green Bank is a national leader in clean energy financing and is now bringing businesses and the community together through green energy projects to demonstrate how Green Bonds US.

Leverage innovative financing

C-PACE (Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy) is an innovative financing tool that allows building owners to make energy improvements that are repaid through a voluntary benefit assessment.

Property owners can access 100% financing and realize positive cash flow while creating more comfortable, modern and efficient buildings.

C-PACE puts comprehensive energy efficiency projects in reach!

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